I trained as a Clinical Informatics and Delivery Science Fellow at Kaiser Permanente Northern California Division of Research. This program focused on applying cutting edge machine learning methods to electronic health record data, and how to translate research findings into clinical practice. I completed training in clinical informatics, predictive analytics, clinical decision support, and R programming. My projects included characterizing the multiple treatment needs of patients hospitalized with acute infection, and identified clinical consequences of genetic variation affecting phenytoin response.

I received my Ph.D. from the Institute for Public Health Genetics at the University of Washington.  The program is interdisciplinary, focusing on genetic analysis and technologies, and also on the ethical, legal, and social issues surrounding genetics. My dissertation focused on questions related to genomics and pharmacogenetics in American Indian and Alaska Native communities. I conducted evidence review for public health policy around newborn screening, identified and characterized variants in genes known to affect medication metabolism, and identified main sources of vitamin D and vitamin D deficiency. I continue to work with our community partners in Alaska on questions of interest to their communities.

I received a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology with honors, a Minor in Chemistry, and a Master’s of Science in Biology at Stanford University. I completed my honors thesis on the role of regulatory T cells in controlling the T cell response in allergic asthma. .

I have completed additional training in science communication through the COMPASS workshops and the Science Communication Fellows Program at the Pacific Science Center. I completed the Johns Hopkins Data Science Specialization through Coursera.

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