Research/ Funding

I have a funded K01 career development work on Multi-omic approaches to identifying early plasma biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline.

Much of my current work is based within the Cardiovascular Health Cohort to study longitudinal associations with cognitive decline and dementia. I serve as the epidemiologist and machine learning consultant for several projects across the UW school of Public Health, Pharmacy, and Medicine.

Ongoing research projects include opportunities for pharmacogenetic testing in healthcare systems to improve patient centered outcomes, and machine learning in electronic health record data to characterize patient phenotypes.

My dissertation work emerged out of a partnership between the Northwest-Alaska Pharmacogenomics Research Network, the Yup’ik people in Alaska, the Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation, the Center for Alaska Native Health Research in Fairbanks, and the Southcentral Foundation in Anchorage. It focused on associations of genetics, diet, and sunlight exposure on circulating vitamin D levels, and how these variables may alter response to certain medications. I continue collaborating in community based participatory research within these teams, and value the ongoing relationships.

Listen to an interview about my work on the policy implications of existing evidence for an association between the CPT1A P479L variant and infant death in Alaska.

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