UCSF-Stanford Center for Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation Introduction to Pharmacogenomics (course website: https://pharm.ucsf.edu/cersi/node/4596)

Additional Course Sessions Taught:

Challenges for the Informed Consent Process in Medical Research” for Bioethics and Humanities 201: Topics in Bioethics and Humanities at the University of Washington

Pharmacogenetics of Drug Transporters” for Biomedical Informatics 224: Principles of Pharmacogenomics at Stanford University

I have developed course curriculum for an intermediate course in Pharmacogenetics — covering how genetic variation affects drug response, how to interpret genetic results for adjusting medical care, and how to evaluate ethical, legal, social, and economic considerations in personalized medicine.

In graduate school, I was a Communication Fellow with the Pacific Science Center. I completed the Science Communication Short Course, translated my own work in pharmacogenetics and evolutionary history into a hands-on activity, and facilitated the activity in the Scientist Spotlight events for Science Center guests.

I tutored undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Washington in inorganic chemistry, statistics, and biology.

I teach art sessions at Stanford Sierra Conference Center to adult guests, and lead the children activities on family adventure trips with Stanford Travel/Study.


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