I am a Scientific Data Curator at PharmGKB. I received my Ph.D. from the Institute for Public Health Genetics at the University of Washington.  I study how genetic information can improve human health, focusing on how genetics affect the response of an individual to a particular medical drug.

At PharmGKB, I curate pharmacogenetics data and synthesize them into therapeutic guidelines for implementation in clinical care. I also work on outreach materials to educate clinicians and the public about pharmacogenetics and how it can be applied in the clinic to improve care for individual patients.

My dissertation focused on associations of genetics, diet, sunlight exposure, and vitamin D levels, and how these relationships may affect adverse effects of pharmacological drugs in Alaska Native populations. I also studied appropriate uses of language relationships between populations to address ethical issues inherent in genetic research with underserved populations.  You can learn more about my dissertation work and skills here.

This work grew out of my research assistantship with the Northwest Alaska – Pharmacogenomics Research Network. You can learn more about my research skills and various projects in genetic ethics, policy, and science here.

Other engagements include work with the Pacific Science Center as part of their Genetics Advisory Board and their Communication Fellows Program, and work tutoring college-level Statistics and Chemistry. You can learn more about my teaching and communication projects here.

I received a BS with honors in Biology and a Minor in Chemistry from Stanford University, where my honors thesis was on regulatory T cells in controlling the T cell response in allergy and asthma.  My MS in Biology at Stanford included additional immunology research and focused on genetic theory. You can learn more about my undergraduate and graduate research here and education here.

Throughout my undergraduate and graduate years, I worked at Stanford Sierra Camp.  My roles there included, among other roles, Summer Staff Director. I continue to work with the Stanford Alumni Travel/Study Family Adventure Programs. You can learn more about my training in management, leadership, curriculum development, and teamwork with Stanford Sierra Camp and Stanford Travel/Study here.

My future work goals are to integrate my interdisciplinary training in communication, research, and innovation to improve the translation of scientific research to improve medicine and human health.